Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Return to Routine

As expected, after spending more than a week at home on our own lazy schedule, Raphaela had an extremely hard time at Gan this morning, grabbing onto me when I tried to leave and crying as we parted.  I count myself lucky that her nursery was open at all, (most nurseries and schools remain closed today), it gave me a chance to finish errands without worrying about schlepping her around.

Setting a personal record, I was in and out of the US Consulate in less than a half hour, in order to replace the stolen Social Security cards;  I arrived at the supermarket so early that I sat at the Aroma Coffee shop, where I had the first blueberry muffin fresh out of the oven (ah Chametz);  I was one of the first customers at the Mega Supermarket, stocking up on EVERYTHING, all we had left in the house from the holiday were two yogurts and two peppers.

Got home with an hour to spare before returning to the routine (and drudgery) of the Chiropractic clinic. This afternoon Raphaela has music lessons, and this evening we swim. As far as my errands list, miles to go before I sleep.

And starting today (the famous "after the Chag") I look to move in earnest.

Though boring at times over this last week and a half, I must admit that I enjoyed spending time with Raphaela and watching her do little girl things, she has started to mimic me and pretend to put gel in her hair.  She says "tickle tickle" and gently rubs my arms or face, and has taken to memorizing certain lines from her favorite books.  Now if only she would officially start walking...I will announce it from the rooftops.


midlifesinglemum said...

We also go to a private gan and I felt like wishing all the other mums a chag sameach this morning as I left without my daughter for the first time in almost two weeks. Hooray for routine!

Anonymous said...

"if she would only start walking...."

The most important lesson that kids teach us is that we have no control. She will walk in good time.