Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Return to the Pool

After allowing Raphaela's immunity system to strengthen for two months, we returned this evening to swimmng lessons.  I had thought that by the time April and Pessach arrived, it would feel like Spring in Jerusalem, but no, it rained all day today with a definite chill in the air.

Still, I bundled up Raphaela and drove instead of walking, and wondered if she would remember her love of the water.  Though she did not resist any activity during the lesson, she was certainly more timid than she had been in the past, and spent much of the lesson curled up in my arms and sending coy smiles to the instructor.  Her instructor, Yael, seemed quite pleased overall with Raphaela's participation, and it made me feel better to see her skills return slowly.

Now I await the true test, ie will Raphaela come down with a debilitating cold one to days after her lesson.

Over Pessach, because all the nurseries are closed and I will not be working, we will be able to have several make-up lessons, to get Raphaela back in the swing of swimming and to fill the vacation schedule.  As well, Savta Shira's pool will be open during the first day of Pessach, and I will take Raphaela to the smaller pool, assuming it is warm enough outside.

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