Monday, April 4, 2011

Pessach Cleaning

Always a proponent of "dust is not chametz," I do not go into manic Spring Cleaning mode before Pessach.  I live an orderly enough life - even with a child who drew in purple crayon all over the floor yesterday - that other than the fridge and the stove, the house does not need a complete once-a-year overhaul.

When we were growing up, our family chametz philosophy commanded us to eat all leavened products before the holiday arrived.  In fact, we ended up finishing most of the food in the house several days before seder, and would then wander around the house complaining that there was nothing to eat.

While cleaning out my freezer this morning, I found a small package of three frozen cookies, leftover from the New York party in honor of Raphaela in April of last year.  My aunt, an impecable cook and baker, had made several different versions of fancy sugar cookies to celebrate my daughter, and I know that the halacha dictates that I consume them or throw them away;  though I am sad to lose the memories and physical reminders of that party, I know they will be tasty.    

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