Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Drunk Baby Sitter

Today, my last day of work in the clinic before the official start of Pessach, the baby sitter whom I had interviewed and hired to watch Raphaela showed up 15 minutes late, and drunk.  At nine in the morning, she reeked of alcohol could barely keep her eyes open.

I felt outrage and disgust, and Raphaela instinctively started crying and did not want to play with the intoxicated care taker.  Chiropractic immediately took second place to my concern for my daughter's safety, and in a very kind way, I gave this woman a cup of coffee and told her that she was in no state to take responsibility for a small child.

This woman did not interview as the type who would put herself and her charge in danger.

There were more surprises to come, on this day before the holiday...(to be continued)

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Amy Charles said...

A woman who shows up drunk to care for a child at 9 am is seriously ill. And no, Doc, there's no way to tell ahead of time. Until people are very far gone they don't walk around with signs on reading "alcoholic". She's also got bigger problems than losing a babysitting job.

Just be glad she showed you the problem up front instead of drinking quietly while she was with RR.