Friday, April 29, 2011

Musings on the Royal Wedding

As  a teenager In 1981, when Prince Charles married Lady Diana, I bought the books and read the papers and sat transfixed in front of the television.  I envied Lady Diana and her Princess life, and was naive enough to think that the movie The Princess Bride was only satire.

Today, the only reason I saw any part of the Royal Wedding is because I happened to be flipping channels.  Frankly, the ceremony seemed stiff and boring, and I heard that the kiss on the balcony disappointed, both times.

Happy as I am for two people in their thirties who found committment after nine years of dating, I pity the former-commoner Kate and her budding anorexia.  I do hope that love can conquer the pressure she will face as the wife of Prince William, second in line to the throne and son of the legend, Princess Diana. 

I wish I were less cynical about the institution of  marriage, and I wish that some part of the less-practical teenage me still existed, the one who believed in true love, the idea that everyone can find their Prince Charming.


midlifesinglemum said...

Try not to be so bitter and you may have your own fairytale happy ending.

koshergourmetmart said...

It looks like to me she will have a different experience than William's parents. She has basically been part of the royal family for a while (she has spent much time with them before they got engaged) and William has spent much time with her family. She looks confident and sure of herself unlike Princess Diana did. Once asked if she felt lucky to be dating Prince William she said he is lucky to be dating me. Budding anorexia? She looks as slim as she always has. Pity her? She looks very happy and comfortable with herself and will have no problems with the job. We should all be so lucky in our own lives as she seems to be in hers.

Amy Charles said...

@midlifesinglemum: Wow.

I'm going to try reading that with the irony shades on. Ah, there we go, much better.

Doc said...

@Amy, LOL
@midlifesinglemum: not bitter, just realistic. I am not closing myself off to the possibility of a relationship, and a good one at that, only that no one is Prince Charming. And Happily Ever After comes with a lot of work and investment, not a magical fairy godmother or a televised wedding.