Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inspiration Needed

For the past two nights, Raphaela has barely slept, and the congestion begun in the Winter continues, no matter what I do to try to help my daughter breathe.  It hurts me to hear her snorting and coughing.  Two nights ago, as soon as Raphaela managed to fall asleep, Harry started vomitting.  I had become spoiled by getting uninterrupted sleep cycles for the last few months.  Last night I was exhausted, almost passed out on the floor while Raphaela played with Leggos, until she passed out right next to me.  Perhaps a new set of teeth are arriving, and based upon the symptoms, it will be a big and painful event.

In times like these, I take inspiration from one of my heroes, Christopher Reeve, who wrote about  the challenges of parenting, especially after his accident:  "I believe that becoming a parent is a gift, even though parenting means taking on enormous responsibility.  It's a miracle that a child can come into the world and instinctively give us unconditoinal love.  If we can return that kind of love and provide a nurturing environment, the responsibility becomes less challenging."

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David Tzohar said...

Be strong,kaveh el Hashem chizki veamtzi et libech ve kaveh el Hashem. Remember you are not alone. May He who breathed the breath of life into Man grant your daughter the breath of life and health.