Friday, March 12, 2010

The Joy of Giving

With Pessach and our trip to the United States coming up in two weeks, I have started the traditional Spring Cleaning associated with the season, both for myself and for Raphaela. As she continues to grow, I weed out clothing that no longer fits her, keep the sentimental stuff and the rest I pass on to other mothers of little girls. The other day we made an anonymous donation and it felt so nice to share, especially given that so many have been generous with me, for my daughter.

Now I must go through my closet, following not only the "If you haven't worn it in two years" rule, but also the newest condition of my body, post-birth. My boobs are bigger and my stomach is still a bit flabby, but overall I sit at a smaller weight and size. Furthermore, I feel like my inherent energies have softened and radically altered since becoming a mother, and some of the clothing no longer suits my personality.

The best part about this year is that I don't have to do an hysterical kitchen cleaning, because we will not be in the house for the holiday. Spurred on by the torture of my stupid neighbors and the construction, I have also definitively decided to move out of the city this summer, and the house will get a full cleansing once we leave.

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