Friday, March 19, 2010

How Did Noah Do it?

There is a Midrash that relates that while in the ark, Noah got bitten by the lion, because breakfast did not arrive in a timely manner. I wonder if the lion was on anti-biotics as well, what Noah would have done.

In the morning, I have four sets of responsibilities, all of which must occur around the same time frame. When Raphaela wakes up, I must changer her diaper, dress her and nurse.

When Harry wakes up these days, I must give him anti-biotics, feed him and let him outside. As long as I am in the garden, I distribute food to the street cat residents of the area.

I water the plants on the porch. They too are living things.

Somewhere in there, I try to have breakfast, brush my teeth, check email, set up the office for my Chiropractic day, and shower.

All this happens before nine in the morning.

I have more respect than ever for working mothers.

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Sarah said...

I realize you didn't ask for input, but what would a Jewish friend be if she didn't offer unwanted advice? :-)

Anyhow, it occurs to me that your plants probably would not be any worse for the wear if you watered them at night. And if something has to go, you could create a cactus garden on the porch instead. Obviously the plants are the least of your worries, but as a good friend of mine says: KISS - Keep it Simple, Sexy!

Have a safe and smooth trip, and a chag sameach.