Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Glorious Laughter

We have a solid bed time routine, starting with a bath, then a story (Maisy's Bedtime, she loves it), then liquid food and a quick snuggle, and then I put Raphaela into her crib.

As a rule, she does not fall asleep right away, but rather engages in Pebbles speak for about twenty minutes, sucks on her bunny doll for a bit, and then gives in to her fatigue.

Last night, I tucked her in, closed the door and did some things around the house, including eat dinner. About a half hour after putting her in bed, I went back into the room to get something and to check on her. I only had to open the door and I heard squeals of delight from Raphaela, so happy she was that I had come to spend time with her. I made eye contact with her and got a huge smile and more laughter.

Nothing I have ever experienced compares to the wonderful feeling from a reception like this from my daughter.

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