Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Allergy Challenge

On the occasion of the torrential downpours that enveloped Purim, Raphaela got a runny nose and I started with my seasonal allergies, which arrive like clockwork around this time, and don't end until after Shavuot.

So here we are, a baby who screams every time she has to get her nose wiped and a single mother who is desperate to get sleep but cannot breathe properly. Raphaela sleeps more than I have been able to, though this morning I woke her up at four am with my coughing, and she has been awake ever since. I keep thinking that if I had a husband, I could hand her off to him, and I could get a nap somewhere in between work and child care.

My care taker today squirted some breast milk into Raphaela's nostrils, which seems to have cleared out much of the mucous, very cool! (Less cool for me, as my doctor and her pediatrician have informed me that I cannot take anti-histamine medication as long as I am breast feeding.)

I am hoping that tonight we will both sleep more soundly.

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