Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shabbat Ima

I burst with pride when the Head Nursery Teacher told me that she had chosen my daughter to be the inaugural Shabbat Ima of the Gan year;  Raphaela "participates with confidence"  and shows "maturity,"  and they wanted a girl who could lead the way for the rest of the group.

Like I said, bursting with pride.

There is a concept in the Israeli Army of the "Best Rookie Soldier," an honor accorded the Trainee who excels within the group;  my little champion Raphaela made it through her first week of a new place with flying colors (pthoo pthoo pthoo), and it validates my choice to give her the opportunity to adapt and deal with change.

One day this week, Raphaela had a play date with one of her closer girl friends from the previous Gan, and I watched their interaction.  This other girl, bless her heart, is quite aggressive and bossy (as is her mother), and I could immediately see the change in Raphaela's behaviour, she became passive and shy in her own house because of a much stronger and almost overwhelming presence.

I am actually grateful that in this new Gan with new children, where Raphaela is one of the older children rather than the youngest in the group, Raphaela's truest and happiest nature can shine through;  she can express herself as a confident leader, and after all, what more could a mother want for her child?

Shabbat Shalom!

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Midlife Singlemum said...

First of all Mazal Tov! If I had to write a list of the things only a parent can fully appreciate, in Israel one of the items would be understanding what an honour it is to be Ima/Abba Shel Shabbat. You guys are so 'in'. :)

Secondly, after two years of being one of the older children in the gan and one of the leaders, DD is now entering a situation where she is the youngest. I am excited for her to get the benefit of some older role models. Good luck to both of us for a wonderful year!