Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's So Third Grade

This week, the mayor of Modiin Ilit [an Ultra Orthodox enclave bordering a Modern Orthodox and very homogeneous Modiin, in the center of Israel] declared that only the Ultra Orthodox could visit the Second Temple archaeological site within their borders.  They would in fact deny entry and/or evict any person who did not fit their mold, who did not look like they belonged and therefore did not deserve to enter the area.

In retribution, the mayor of Modiin declared that all Ultra Orthodox would be banned from the public parks in his city.

Apparently this conflict stems from the desire of Modiin Ilit to become incorporated into Modiin, to take advantage of their resources, and the refusal of Modiin to accept them legally or otherwise.

But seriously, how old are we?  So now Modiin Ilit is not going to invite its sister city to its birthday party?  Modiin says that Modiin Ilit has the cooties?!

Last night, someone asked me what I held against those who became more religious, and I replied that I respect people's choices, as long as it doesn't hurt others and as long as the intentions come from a place of self-improvement.  This story of local civil war provides yet another example where religious extremism reigns, to the detriment of all.


Amy Charles said...

Please post addresses for both mayors. I want to write to them and tell them, so they can't say later on that they didn't know, that this sort of behavior leads nowhere but to the demise of the state of Israel. A nice experiment, people will say, but the Jews haven't got what it takes to run their own country. Look what happened, after all, in less than a century: outrageous fighting outside and in, pariah status worldwide, dependent on the US for survival, and they can't even agree amongst themselves who qualifies as a Jew.

It'd be hard to argue.

Midlife Singlemum said...

If I were the mayor of Modi'in I would also oppose taking Modi'in Illit in. Why would any thriving city want to take in another city that cannot cover it's own costs? Illit stands to gain everything while Modi'in only gets to support them with its own taxes. All the rest is silliness but the original decision of Modi'in is a no-brainer.