Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trouble in the Kitchen

Yesterday, Raphaela showed me some Leggo pieces and informed me that she was baking bread in the oven.  She plays this game often, with some box acting as the oven, and so I nodded my head and stopped paying attention.  Turns out, Raphaela had placed the plastic toys in the real oven and had figured out how to turn it on;  the kitchen was full of toxic smoke and had I waited a few minutes longer, we might have had an actual fire on our hands.

Today for the first time, Raphaela figured out that she can open the refrigerator and 'cruise' for food by herself, without my help or guidance.  She spent much of the day with the fridge door open, staring at the food as if it were a Picasso at the museum, and my insistence that she not waste electricity and/or allow food to spoil fell on deaf ears.

These revelations of Raphaela will require "baby proofing" on a whole new level.

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Amy Charles said...

Doc, I'm not a fan of spanking, but when it comes to doing things that are dangerous and damaging, I think a hand-slap is appropriate at that age. She may be too little to understand and remember why these things are dangerous and/or destructive, but she will remember "touch that = slap on hand".