Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Gan, Day Two

This morning, the Gan insisted that parents not draw out their good-byes, and that we tell our kids that we will return soon, as today continues to be a short day relative to the normal schedule. 

I sat with Raphaela and did a puzzle, and then told her that I would come back as soon I finished my work;  Raphaela responded by pushing me toward the door and saying that it was alright for me to work "a little bit." Of course once I got to the door, she realized the implications of her consent and started crying, and had to be physically separated from me by one of her teachers.

I know that this place is good for her, as well as recognizing the benefits of a structured program outside the house, but the crying haunted me regardless during the morning.

After one patient, I picked up Raphaela, and found her sitting with another little girl and playing house, she barely reacted when I walked into the room. One of her teachers told me that Raphaela was a "champion" after I left her in the morning, and the Head Nursery Teacher told me that my daughter is "focused and a good listener...mature" for her age.  Apparently Raphaela also approached a few children during sand box time, to befriend them and include them in the group play.

My major concern had been that Raphaela would be entering a room with lots of kids, none of whom she knew, and this news provides me with great relief.  Now if only she would agree to use the Gan bathroom, we can get back on track with toilet training.

The Head Nursery teacher also sent me home with "homework," a small Hebrew book they had given to each child that tells the story of a girl's first day at Gan;  Raphaela enjoyed the gift and actually asked me to re-read the book several times, and I appreciate the educational cleverness of reinforcing the joy and eagerness to start Gan for the full day.

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