Sunday, August 12, 2012

Murphy's Law, Full Throttle

Man, that Murphy is a bastard!

After only one day of Raphaela's summer camp, where she played with her closer friends from Gan and thoroughly enjoyed herself;  my daughter wakes up with a fever this morning.  Some less considerate parents might have drugged their child and sent them along to camp in any case, but I do not believe that Raphaela should spread around whatever virus she may be fighting at the moment.

So I desperately called our baby sitter, because today is one of my busiest work days at the clinic this week, and asked her to watch Raphaela, even though she may have made other plans.  Thank G-d the sitter agreed, and I can keep Raphaela home for one day, with the hopes that tomorrow we return to our regularly scheduled program.

Truth be told, I should have known this was coming.  Raphaela has been crawling into bed with me for the past few nights, one of her tell-tale signs that an illness has invaded.  Denial is a dangerous creature.

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