Thursday, July 19, 2012

Party Time

This afternoon, Raphaela and I attended the third birthday party of one her friends from Gan, the boy who earlier this year lost his younger baby sister to crib death.  His mother invested much time and effort into this party, inviting ten other children into their home and making this an event that the children and the parents will not forget.

I was glad that Raphaela and I were on the invitee list, that the events of last week did not color the opinion of me, or cause social isolation for my daughter.

It was actually a bittersweet feeling, to stand in a room with children and their parents whom I have known for the last two years, knowing that in less than a month we will all go our separate ways to different nurseries all around Jerusalem and all around the country. I have always preferred the close friendships of several quality people, rather than having 50 acquaintances, and I know that both Raphaela and I have received the gift of two or three close friends.  I also know that friendships, like any other relationships that are worthwhile, demand dedication and effort, which I am certainly willing to do.

As much as I cannot wait for this school year to end so that we can all move on, change is still change, and takes some adjustment.

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