Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthdays Past and Present

This morning on the way to Gan, Raphaela picked a few berries off the bushes near our house and asked me, "Do you think the Angry Birds would like to eat these?"  Her compassion, even for imaginary birds flinging themselves at random edifices, continues to inspire me.  Raphaela also apologizes to the pigs when we destroy their houses, and insists that I press "reset" so they won't be homeless.

An Israeli friend of mine suggested that I am doing Raphaela no favors by allowing her to sympathize with the "enemy pigs," that I need to teach Raphaela that the birds are in a fight for their very survival.  All of the obvious political implications aside, I think my daughter deserves a few more years to enjoy humanity as a whole, and to take joy in the experience of meeting new people without bias.

Imagine that last year at this time, I was sitting with Raphaela in Hadassah Hospital, preparing her for her surgery. Now I have a vocal, independent, and thank G-d healthy toddler, best birthday present ever.

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