Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tisha B'Av Postscript

In dressing for the Romney event yesterday, I had quite a conundrum:  I am going to meet the man who may possibly be the next President of the United States, so I should appear clean and somewhat formal and respectful.

And yet, Romney chose the unfortunate day of Tisha B'Av, and so I was limited in my hygiene and comfort levels. I heard many people around me ask each other if they had smuggled in food, just in case the speech ran over-time and we needed to break the fast together.

 I wore a simple black pants outfit, with flip flops (no leather shoes), and saw many men there following suit with Crocs.  I did not want to wear real jewelry, so I raided Raphaela's stash and found a beaded bracelet that gave just enough color to the ensemble.

Raphaela gave me permission to borrow her jewelry, and warned me sternly that I must bring it home and return it to her in one piece.  I hope she remembers that when she gets older and starts borrowing Mommy's things.


tesyaa said...

Why the heck did he come on Tisha Bav? Seems disrespectful, but maybe just tone deaf, or for his own convenience.

Doc said...

From what I understand, Romney was making a three day quickie tour overseas, and the planners put Israel after London, without checking the Jewish calendar. A snafu, definitely, and he did try to make up for it both in his speech and his planned events. (Romney "broke the fast" with Bibi and his family.)