Sunday, July 8, 2012

Raphaela's Band Aid Obsession

If you ask Raphaela, she has very definite and consistent ideas as regards the care of various "boo-boos":

1.  Aloe Vera pretty much solves every problem, on every part of the body (followed by a band aid)
2.  Lavender Oil comes in a close second (followed by a band aid)
3.  The placement of ice cubes feels wonderful, and when they melt, you can drink it!
4.  Just because a Mommy can't see the wound, does not mean that it negates the placement of a band aid
5.  For a variety of inconveniences, including coughing or a stomach ache, drink some water
5.  When we sleep, our body fixes things

After a brief stint as a hypocondriac, Raphaela is slowly accepting that it is not fun to go to the family doctor on a regular basis, and that just because a medication is "new," does not mean it works.

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