Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waiting for that First Step

As the year and half mark rapidly approaches, Raphaela continues to refuse to walk on her own.  Other parents, her Gan and even Tipat Chalav don't seem to be concerned;  when no one is looking, Raphaela even takes a few tentative steps on her own.

I would love it, not only because it represents a new developmental chapter in her life, but because it opens up so many possibilities in terms of traveling and activities.  It also will do my back a world of good.


midlifesinglemum said...

I know someone who didn't even cruise when he was 18 months - just sat like a pudding. He has now finished the army as an officer.

Amy Charles said...

Yes, definitely don't worry. I hear you on the back thing, though -- they don't put that in the parenting books, how you'll spend half your life bent over, those years, helping tiny people walk. But you will walk upright again. :) Then you'll have other things to panic about.