Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspired by William Saffire

At Gymboree yesterday, I was speaking with Olga while the girls (Michaela and Raphaela) played.  I told her about my last week, the experience of having my bag stolen and the deep feelings of vulnerability it caused. I told her that there are some days when I find it so hard to be a single parent, to put on a brave face and a smile and take care of Raphaela when all I want is a vacation.  I expressed my frustration at having to accomplish more things in one day than there are hours.  I wished that I had more support of family and friends.

Olga replied, "COPY, PASTE!"

I want to use the forum of this blog to proliferate the use of this phrase, instead of "I hear you" or "I empathize."  (It's so 2011...)