Friday, March 4, 2011

One-Woman PR

Today the Gan parents celebrated the wedding of one of the nursery teachers, and as the woman who organized the gift and the celebration, I was glad to see the children and the adults enjoying themselves. I was also glad to see the teacher moved and surprised by the response, despite the fact that she knew that "something was up."

As it happens, a potential couple was visiting at the same time, trying to decide if they wanted to send their son to the Gan next year, he would be in Raphaela's age group.  They watched as all the kids and parents enjoyed each other's company, and celebrated one of their own.  As if that wasn't enough, I later met this same family at the park nearby, and they asked me a series of follow-up questions.  Of course I raved about the place, because Raphaela has grown and developed so much as a toddler, and as a person, since she started there.

At the park, however, a Russian woman commented to me, "I say give children alchohol, it's good for them!"  I didn't understand her statement until I realized that a bottle of Merlot left over from the party was sitting prominently in Raphaela's stroller.  Not the message I want to send as a parent, or as a Chiropractor.  (Unless it helps Raphaela take a nap...LOL)


David Tzohar said...

I davka agree with the Russian lady. I always gave my kids from infancy a taste of kiddush wine. Jewish tradition celebrates the joy of drinking wine "yayin yesamach levav enosh" Wine gladdens man's heart, From Proverbs IIANM

David Tzohar said...

BTW would you be interested in a shidduch?

Rivka said...

Awesome blog.. I don't feel alone as a fellow single mom without family or dad in the picture. I also feel I'm by choice with the help of a group like Efrat I've got a toddler and I love to share info and know more .. are there any Jerusalem groups for single moms or as I like to call myself "a lone mother" like lone soldier.. we're here in Israel, with no support but trying to serve our communities.

Doc said...

@David Tzohar, I have never thought that my being a jsmbc is mutually exclusive of being a wife. I would love to meet the right person for my life and for Raphaela's.
@Rivka: there is at least two groups of single mothers by choice who meet every other week in Jerusalem. I am sure there are others in Israel, though I am less aware of them.