Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Choices

I spent much of this past Shabbat wearing several layers and trying to get Raphaela to wear a hat inside the house so she wouldn't be too cold. This past week an electrical shortage killed my dryer and my kettle;  the lock on the door is warped and probably needs to be replaced.   What else would I expect with an apartment built in 1972?!

Today I flipped through the IKEA catalog and started brewing all these fantasies in my head about redecorating.

And so I have accepted the decision that right after Purim I am going to start apartment hunting in earnest, and hopefully move this summer when my current rental contract expires.  I know which couch I would buy at IKEA to replace the ones that had been somewhat bruised by Sarel "Runs Like Rabbit," may he rest in peace.

I embrace change, but I hate moving.  I need to find a place that is walking distance to Raphaela's Gan, and has relatively easy access for my clients who don't have cars.  I wonder how I am going to help Raphaela and Harry adapt to the new location.

As part of these new resolutions, I also plan on going through all my closets and cabinets before Pessach and throwing away odds and ends, and no longer appropriate clothing of mine that I have saved for purely sentimental reasons.  I am torn, however, as far as Raphaela's baby clothing and various other baby items, because if I give them away or sell them, I am saying that I will not have any more children. I don't yet feel ready to say that to the Universe, or to tell myself on some level that  a future that includes dating and marriage is less likely.

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Sarah said...

Reframe: selling/donating/throwing away items you won't be needing in the next year or maybe two, when you are moving, and the items are replaceable, is NOT saying you'll never need them again.

It is just making a decision that right now it's not worth it to MOVE those items, but if you need them again you'll REPLACE them. It's a financial risk, but one you are entitled to take, especially when it comes to moving and setting up home in a new place.

If the baby items take up a lot of room and you aren't sure you'll need them again, then it's legitimate to keep just a few items for sentimental purposes, or the few items that are not easily replaced, and decide that if you have more children you'll just have to buy new stuff.

Yes, a judgment call, but NOT the final word on your reproductive future!