Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Power to the People

First of all, three cheers for the power of individuals, whose ground-swell effort (via email) helped Facebook understand that they should absolutely remove the "Third Intifada" page.  It is not Democracy nor is it Free Speech when terrorists use Facebook to piggy-back the movement toward revolution in the Middle East.  Calling for the eradication of Israel and the killing of Jews bears no resemblence to Egyptians or Lybians demanding a change in leadership.

It is sometimes scary to live in a country surrounded by Arab states, most of whom would rather wipe Israel off the map, though they might not admit it in polite company.  My friend Rachael told me a story yesterday, and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry: she was feeding her two year old and playing the airplane game, and when she said, "Here comes the airplane, here comes the...." her four year old son completed the sentence with the word, "missle."  (She was thinking along the lines of "bird.")

This is our reality, Raphaela and the other children in her generation will grow up knowing that other nations want us dead, and not being phased by that awareness.

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