Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still Hanging In There

Sometime last week, I remember thinking that it would be nice to give birth after the first rain of the season. I love that fresh smell in the air after the rain has fallen; Fall in general is my favorite season. Then I decided against the idea, because normally the first rains come to Israel during the holiday of Succot, which is approximately three weeks away.

Lo and behold, it rained both days of Rosh Hashana, and I thought, "Aha, a sign from G-d that I could give birth, any moment now." Especially since my official due date falls anywhere between today (Sunday) and Thursday of this week, depending on whether you go by my last period, the actual insemination, or the ultra-sound results.

Alas, Sunday is almost over and other than the usual Braxton Hicks contractions, I am not feeling any signs of active labour. I have also been told (way too often) that first children normally arrive late, no matter how excited I feel for the big event. Maybe tonight she will decide that with the start of the Jewish New Year, it is a good time to meet and greet her fans.

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