Monday, September 21, 2009

Filling Time

It has become my goal to find at least one errand or activity that gets me out of the house, each day. It was easier over Rosh Hashana, because there were meals and holiday schedules. Now, in my second official week of pre-birth vacation/maternity leave, the challenge grows.

Yesterday, I rented a movie and after returning it, went to the supermarket. In the evening, I received a Chiropractic treatment and took the very long route home, in order to force myself to walk the local hills of Jerusalem.

Today, I have a facial scheduled for the early afternoon, and am hoping to meet a friend for lunch, as the area of Emek Rephaim has some wonderful cafes, and people keep telling me that once the baby comes, it won't be so easy to simply meet friends outside the house.

On Thursday I have a doctor's appointment, should I not be in labour.

The rest of the time is filled with naps, phone calls and small jobs around the house. As I am not the type to enjoy totally unstructured free time, I welcome the challenges that will come when this baby arrives.

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