Monday, September 28, 2009

Operation Starve Out the Baby

In the end, I decided not to eat anything at all during Yom Kippur, and with my limited and halachically based drinking, maybe had a total of two glasses of liquid all day.

Despite my heroic efforts, the fast is now officially ended and there is no sign of consistent contractions or the briefest glint of labour. As of tomorrow morning, I must start doing intense monitoring via ultra-sound and Doppler, so that the general Israeli medical professionals can decide if I am truly overdue and in need of inducing.

I think on the way home, after the monitoring, I will stop by the pharmacy and pick up some Castor Oil. (This very strong-willed child has already resisted Acupuncture, three Chiropractic treatments in the last week and pressure points. I am getting desperate.)

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