Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I normally become the Grinch on this day, which excludes from happiness all those who do not have someone who will buy them flowers or chocolate, or make the day more special than usual.  I think to myself, normally, wouldn't it be nice to have someone (besides me) tell me what a wonderful sexy woman and mother I am, or alternatively, someone who would do the cooking and errands today instead of me.  I'll accept either option.

This year on Valentine's Day I picked up Raphaela from Gan and drove to the zoo.  There we sat and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the beautiful sunshine of an un-rushed Friday in Jerusalem, with a gorgeous view of the flowering of the almond trees; we munched while Raphaela told me of her adventures in Gan today.  Because you must enjoy every joyous moment when it presents itself, and damn the Hallmark holiday.

In the background, the zoo sponsored a free concert of Simon and Garfunkel type musicians, who sang (for the most part) songs old and new about the glory of love.

When they sang "50 Ways to Leave your Lover," they apologized to the audience.

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