Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Play Date Genie

Unimpressed with my skills as Raphaela's social secretary, she and her friend L decided to work out the details of a play date all on their own.  I arrived at her English class today, and Raphaela informed me that she and L would be spending some time together this afternoon.

Mommy:  I know you want to set up a play date, but first we have to talk to L's Mommy.
[As if on cue, L's Mommy walks into the room.]
Mommy:  The girls would like to have a play date, what does next week look like for you?
L's Mommy: Oh, didn't they tell you? The girls arranged a play date for today, at our house.
Mommy:  Really?
L's Mommy:  Yeah, I thought you knew.  Anyway, we will take Raphaela home, and don't come too soon, they want to spend a lot of time together.

All of a sudden, gobsmacked by the concept that my four and a half year old and her friend arranged the whole thing by themselves, I found myself with a free two hours, and no real need to cook dinner for Raphaela, as she will eat there.

A part me is doing a major dance inside my head and a part of me has no idea how to fill free time.

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