Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Little Doctor Who

When we were little and stuck inside the car on endless road trips, ["Mom, he's putting his feet on my side of the seat!" "Mom, she's staring at me and making faces." "Dad, I have to throw up." ] my parents used to tell us that if we blew really hard, we could change the traffic light from red to green.

My brother and I would wait for their signal, and then we would gather out deepest breath, and delight in the fact that we personally had changed the light to green.

Every morning on the way to Gan, Raphaela takes her "Sonic Screwdriver" - a la Doctor Who, but actually a large paint brush - and uses it to change the pedestrian signal from red to green.  She waits for my ok, points her Sonic Screwdriver at the intersection and makes a loud beep-like sound.  Lo and behold, she assists all those standing and waiting to walk across the street, bringing her joy as well. "Good job, I did it!"

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