Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Old Mother Hubbard

Between the wonderful visit of my brother and his family, and the unfortunate and sudden interruption of routine from the funeral yesterday, our cupboards are bare and I need to go to the supermarket, badly.

Because I work when Raphaela plays/learns at Gan, I have not had the chance to make this essential trip, and so I told Raphaela this morning that we would have a Great Adventure at the super this afternoon, after school and English class.

Raphaela:  Do I have to go with you? I wanted to have a play date with my friend E or L.
[My daughter has a busier social calendar than I, if she had her way, every day would include a play date.]
Mommy:  I have not spoken with their mothers and arranged it yet for this week, and we do need to stock our refrigerator with food.
Raphaela: You can't go while I am in Gan?
Mommy:  Not really, I am busy being a doctor during the day.
Raphaela:  (Pause to think) OK!  I will be a terrific helper at the supermarket.

Postscript:  As a warning to all parents, do not take a four and a half year old to the supermarket, no matter how well behaved.  It will take much longer than usual, and you just might lose a little piece of your sanity along the way.

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