Monday, February 24, 2014


Today, after dropping off Raphaela at Gan, I had a few hours free before work.
I got into my car and sat in Route One traffic, got to IKEA without getting lost and was one of the first customers in the store.
For a change, I had brought a shopping list, basically stuck to the list and did not exceed my planned budget.
I ate Swedish meatballs, had no near miss driving experiences on the way home on the highway,  and got home in time to pick up Raphaela.

These are all big things for me, each step along the way, marred only by the fact that I did not have a friend to accompany me and enjoy the day trip to Sweden.  It's the little touches, a new throw pillow or bathmat or laundry basket, that freshens up the house.

Now someone has to help me together all this stuff...

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