Thursday, June 2, 2011

Losing my Identity (Assutah)

Funny how when you become a parent, you lose your identity for a while.   I myself am guilty of the crime:  out of laziness more than anything else, I have not learned the name of every single parent of every single child at the Gan.  Often, I will say, "Hello, Mother/Father of _____!"  and then smile, to assuage some of the guilt of not knowing their grown-up name.

Today, Assutah Hospital called to remind me of Raphaela's appointment at their sleep clinic.  This exam brings the ENT and my family doctor one step closer toward understanding when/if Raphaela will require surgery.  The phone conversation started with, "Am I speaking to Raphaela's mother?"  I am of course proud and happy to be my daughter's mother, though it entails only a part of the entire package that is me.

Right now I am most concerned about getting to Tel Aviv safely and finding the hospital.  Because I do not have a GPS or Smart Phone, I have written the driving directions on Post-its; I will stick them on my steering wheel and peel each set of directions off as we achieve it.

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Philo said...

It looks like Google Maps now has driving directions in Israel - why not just print them out?