Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Minor Progress

After spending the last few days hearing that even if I wanted to pay privately, there was a long waiting list for the better Pediatric ENT surgeons in Jerusalem.  This evening, when we returned from swim lessons, I called and begged again, and somehow got a meeting with Dr. Weinberger at Hadassah Hospital for this coming Sunday.  He has an excellent name, and though I must pay out of pocket in order to benefit from this appointment, I am told that the Israeli HMO and/or my supplemental insurance will reimburse me once Raphaela completes the surgery.

Beggars cannot be choosers, and at the moment our appointment is set for eight pm, past Raphaela's bedtime.  Maybe she will sleep the entire time we must sit in the waiting room, and make the hospital experience less stressful for everyone.


Leiby & Orah said...

My daughter also had the tubes and adenoid surgery. Same story - we couldn't wait months and months for our turn with Meuchedet, so we paid Dr. Brama privately to do the surgery. He did it at Misgav Ladach on Chizkiyahu Hamelech and he did an EXCELLENT job. I can try to find his number for you, if you'd like. He works out of HaTurim on some days of the week, too. I think if you have Meuchedet Adif that you can pay him privately and then they'll refund you a large percent of it. But check that part out - I don't remember for sure since we didn't yet have Adif at the time. Good luck!

Amy Charles said...

Topnotch medical care's always worth the money. Good luck with the visit, I hope it goes well.