Friday, June 3, 2011

Assutah II

On Thursday afternoon, Raphaela and I battled traffic on the Ayalon highway, and after one and a half hours, arrived at my Great Aunt and Uncle, who live in Ramat Aviv.  We spent several lovely hours there catching up, eating dinner and giving Raphaela a very unsuccessful bath, before we had to leave to the Assutah Sleep Clinic.  It felt wonderful to have family around me, to disperse some of the accumulating stress about this exam and its implications.

It also became quite clear to me that unless I live in Tel Aviv, I will not work there no matter how high the demand;  the commute would kill any positive energy I have toward my work as a Chiropractor.

For some reason, based upon the glowing descriptions I had heard, I expected the Assutach Hospital Sleep Clinic to resemble the Ein Karem Baby Hotel we stayed in right after the birth.  The facility was fine, but hardly a place of luxury;  the staff was pleasant and helpful, our room had a twin bed for the parent, a crib for the child and a small sink.

In fact, Raphaela was one of three children her age spending the night, and I again realized how blessed I am, because my daughter was the only child who went into bed and fell asleep quickly and without a fuss.  As well, the other parents told me that their children were being monitored because they have been ill "all the time," whereas Raphaela thank G-d has only really been sick twice since her birth.  (Not counting the perpetual low-grade runny nose...)

Neither of us had a decent night, in fact I cannot imagine how any child or adult rests when they are attached to electrodes and boxes and USB cables.  In the morning, the technician commented to me, "Boy, she snores!" and then told me that in his non-medical professional opinion, Raphaela experienced Sleep Apnea many times during the night. In any case, the results come back within three weeks, at which point my family doctor and the ENT can figure out which surgery Raphaela requires to give her the gift of normal breathing.

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