Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Friday Report

1.  Yesterday, we had a completely new door installed;  new lock and key, and much more safe.  I timed Raphaela's nap to their arrival, and despite the horrendous construction noise (serious drilling, hammering and bashing), she slept through the entire event.  In a lovely touch typical to Israel, once he had reinstalled the door frame and the new door, the construction worker (a non-religious man) gave me a full explanation of the difference between Ashkenazim and Sephardim in the way they place their mezuzah. He also told me that I did not have to make a new bracha, because the mezuzah had only been removed for several hours.

2.  The Assutah Sleep Clinic called me specifically to tell me that I would be a poor parent if I had not already acted on the report they sent me, that Raphaela's situation is "pretty bad."  Then they added, "But don't panic!"  The Gan called me one day this week, concerned that while Raphaela was napping she had very shallow breathing and seemed to have minor "frothing at the mouth."  Then they added, "But don't panic!"  Right...

3.  Today, while dropping off Raphaela at Gan, I happened to find out that most of the nursery teachers from this year will not be returning next year.  I still trust the place and the head nursery teacher, and I know that the Gan provides an excellent and trustworthy environment, but it makes me sad because the women who take care of my daughter and her friends are warm and loving and professional, and Raphaela loves them.

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