Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On Shoes and Socks

Where is Raphaela's shoe?
It's sleeping with the fishes...(with a nod to The Godfather)

I think that the cousins of the sock gremlins (who steal one sock from a pair out of the dryer) have taken residence at Raphaela's Gan.  Almost every day she either comes home with a different pair of socks than she wore in the morning, or she has no socks at all under her new shoes.  I have given up keeping track of the socks that have gone MIA, and written it off as part of the life of a toddler.

Yesterday, at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, Raphaela decided that she wanted to feed the ducks in the murky (scummy and somewhat smelly) pond, and so she took off one of her new shoes and threw it into the water.  She has a good strong arm!  As I watched the shoe sink under the green-ish water, I called out for one of the zoo staff and their pincer sticks;  "Help, help, someone with a stick!"  When it became clear that none of the workers were nearby, I climbed over the fence and went into the pond/swamp, and retrieved the shoe just in time.

Raphaela found the whole scene hysterically funny, and laughed out loud as I struggled in the water.  When I returned victorious, shoe in hand, I said to my daughter, "This is not funny, this is actually disgusting, the idea of your shoe in that pond."  Which made her (and many of the other parents watching this play out) laugh even harder.

I am quite sure the other parents were laughing in sympathy.


Ariela said...

too funny - I have had a shoe trown off a bridge and out a car window

Philo said...

My wife calls the box of my unmatched socks the "singles bar"

Philo said...

Could have been worse - Rafaela might have decided to feed her shoe to the lions! (Somehow, I don't think you'd have been climbing the fence in that case....)