Monday, July 1, 2013

English-Free Zone?

Although Gan for Raphaela officially ends on August 4th this year, July begins the season of Summer, the season of camp and the "Great Vacation."  From what I understand, Raphaela has the same teachers and the same basic schedule but they change it up a little, so the staff and the kids can get through the next month.

The manager of the Gan specifically approached me to let me know that in honor of the Great Vacation they had introduced a new activity, an English lesson for the children.  According to my bilingual daughter, today they introduced the concept of "up/down," "closed/open" and "hello/goodbye."  There are in fact many bilingual children in her class of 34, so I imagine several of them including Raphaela must have felt very comfortable; especially since we are already deep into early reading in English.

I think that all Israeli parents should introduce their Hebrew speaking children to English, as it is the language of the Internet and hence of the planet at the moment.  A high level of the international language would grant any child an advantage when they eventually enter the adult world.

 However, I feel like this sabotages other plans in place for the year:  since September, her teachers have made a concerted effort to teach my daughter that Hebrish is not an easily understood language, that we (the royal We that is my offspring) speak English at home and Hebrew in school. Only last week did the Head Teacher proudly exclaim victory, that for the first time the entire nine hour day passed and not a word of English escaped from her mouth.

I hope that the introduction of English does not set her back, since Raphaela will need fluent Hebrew to excel in the Israeli school system.

Meanwhile, I am brushing up on my Chinese, since soon they will become the owners of the entire planet.

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Midlife Singlemum said...

Our gan had English songs once a week this year. The mother of twin Americans in the gan lead it. Apart from the twin there is only DD and one other boy who have English. Anyway, DD cxame home singing: I'm a pizza, pepperoni, no anchovy.... Ho hum.