Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Graduation Day II

Similar to experience on Purim this past year, the lead up and the overwhelm of the party, her classroom overflowing with her classmates and all their parents set Raphaela into a tailspin at the beginning of the Graduation Party and ceremony.  But we worked through it and got past it, and were able to enjoy the truly moving event.

First their music teacher led the children through a fun adventure with chickens, a really large dancing clock, a baking session and a parachute toss.  Then each little person was called up to the front of the class to receive their nursery school diploma, which read (in Hebrew):

"For excellence in the performance of playing in the yard, doing art projects, having curiosity, cooking and baking, enthusiastic dancing, singing and participation in the daily morning meeting. As well as treating your friends with consideration, and for expressing boundless joy and happiness."

And yes, I cried just a little when Raphaela ventured to the front, shook the Gan manager's hand, and received this beautiful piece of paper.

In addition, they presented each parent with a series of six photos, commemorating the major Jewish holidays on the calendar and charting each child's growth. All day I can't stop looking at this portfolio, and thinking to myself, "I can't believe this is my daughter!  I am so blessed..."

At the end of the ceremony they showed a video in which each child was asked to express a wish or hope for the future.  About 50% of the children asked for a little brother or sister; 40% talked about monetary and material things, like, "I want G-d to buy me three bottles of water and my parents to take me to the zoo."  " I want my father to succeed at work."  "I want my parents to buy me lots of toys and dolls."

Honorable mention goes to the little girl who wished for her mother to become a Queen.  The award for most pious goes to the boy who wished for the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.

One little boy surprised me, when he had had play dates with Raphaela his behavior had been wild and selfish, and yet his wish was this his little brother be healthy and happy.  It taught me that there is much more inside each human being than meets the eye.

My daughter wished that we all have the strength to accomplish our goals.  Wow.

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