Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fasting and Remembering

What to do on the Jewish fast day of Tisha B'Av, the most somber of the memorial days in which we mourn for the Temple in Jerusalem and for the destruction of the Jewish community in ancient Israel.

Personally I could have taken the day to stay in bed and rest, but with a four year old who has a day off from Gan, that is hardly possible.  In between preparing food for Raphaela while fasting, she and I found ourselves with very little structure and lots of time.

I pulled out the photo albums, all of them,  and I told my daughter stories; about my life as a single person, about our extended family, about being pregnant with her and about the adventures we have had together since she came on the scene. Perhaps this represents the meaningful interpretation for this sad day, reminding ourselves that we are loved and that we must care for each other, as Jews and as fellow human beings.

Afterwards, Raphaela asked if we could go to the local bakery, where she intended on ordering "the usual" IE a passion fruit slushie and two chocolate chip cookies.  I reminded her that today is a sad day and that Mommy is fasting.  Raphaela understood and said that tomorrow would be a happier day for the Temple and Jerusalem, and we could both eat cookies at the bakery.

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