Friday, July 5, 2013

Reading Material

When my brother and I were young, we would eat our breakfast with cereal boxes in front of our noses, fascinating and essential reading. 

Raphaela and I have begun a new tradition with our morning cereal:  I bought a 2012-2013 calendar from the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and each day we change the picture to see and learn about the day's work of art, a sampling of the vast collection of the place that was my second home when I lived in The City.

Yesterday featured a 1904 Stickley Brothers Cabinet, made of oak wood cedar and mahogany, and with two beautiful stained glass windows for the doors.  They don't make furniture like this anymore, and I certainly could not find a pure wood closet at the local Israeli IKEA.

I asked Raphaela what she would place inside a cabinet like this, and I taught her a little about the art of stained glass.  Then Raphaela said, "I like this so much.  Mommy, after you drop me off at Gan tomorrow, can you go buy me a cabinet like this?"

Sure, my child, as soon as I step into my Tardis...

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