Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Sound of Silence

I saw an old friend yesterday, who told me that she was on her way to a three-day Silence Conference;  three days in which all forms of communication IE speaking, writing, eye contact or other hand signals were expressly forbidden.  Apparently the teachers at this event guide each person in meditation and encouragement, to allow the participant to become fully cognizant of their internal processes.

My friend expressed concern that three days was not long enough time to "enter into the silence" and gain the full benefit of the experience.  She seemed not to be bothered at all that her husband would watch all four of their children, keep house and prepare for Shabbat during this adventure.

Having not had a proper voice since Sunday, I posited my opinion that even three hours of little to no human contact or communication is more than enough time to understand and embrace the silence;  that has been my reality more or less for the last week.  Because of the physical limitations on my vocal cords and my low energy levels, I have spent lots of time with myself and my thoughts.

More importantly, I have learned the art of using modern technology - which I generally deride and despise - to achieve the greater goal of effective communication.  Because of my access to Internet and social media, and because I can send text messages from my iPhone, I succeeded in closing several business and Chiropractic issues, as well as arranging play dates for Raphaela after Gan.  My daughter was able to play with friends old and new while I rested, she learned to trust certain adults who took her to their homes directly after school, and hopefully this strengthens her self-confidence and courage going into unfamiliar situations.

I have learned that I can ask for help, and even sometimes receive more than I expected from the most unexpected and marginal humans in my life.

The best gift of course are the squeals, huge smiles and hugs I get from Raphaela when I pick her up in the afternoon, "That's my Mommy!"

Indeed, and soon G-d Willing back to myself, completely, with the personal growth from which I have benefited from these Days of Silence.

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