Thursday, June 20, 2013

Developmental Milestones

This past Shabbat, I said to Raphaela, "OK, now we are taking our special Shabbat nap."  I can enjoy this rare treat only on the weekend.

Raphaela explained that as she has taken to less naps during the week at Gan, she does not feel tired now and does not want to rest with me.  I told her that if she let me sleep, and if she didn't burn down the house, she was more than welcome to play on her own.  I added that if she in fact changed her mind, she was more than welcome to crawl into her own bed and rest.

I don't know how I fell asleep at all.  The last time I left Raphaela awake she decided to "help" me with the laundry, and I woke up to a house covered in clothing detergent.  Then there was the time she decided to "bake challah," and put plastic Lego's into the actual oven, put on the actual oven and almost destroyed the kitchen.

But close my eyes I did, and two hours later I woke up and lo and behold, the house was in one piece and Raphaela had set up a beautiful birthday party for one of her dolls.

All hail this new and miraculous era of child rearing!

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