Thursday, June 20, 2013


I admit, as my 45th birthday gets closer, I have been indulging in a fair amount of self-pity and unnecessary ruminations, about my body falling apart, the financial stress of being a single parent, and a host of other legitimate issues.

Then today, Raphaela's Gan sent a letter home to all the parents that a particular (anonymous) family within our little nursery community was suffering from a serious financial crisis, to the extent that they have been unable to pay their tuition; they are apparently practically homeless.  The Gan will be taking up anonymous donations to cover their tuition, and any extra will go directly to the family to help them through this crisis.

And so I want to say thank you, and express a deep appreciation to G-d.  Thank you for a roof over our heads, and for our health, and for our hyper-intelligent cat (my first born) Harry;  and despite the daily struggle, I have been blessed with a joyous and healthy child, worth all the riches in the Universe.

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