Saturday, June 8, 2013

(As defined by Andrew Solomon, in his moving TED lecture)

PARENTING:  The terrible joy of relentless responsibility.

Yesterday Raphaela and I read a book together, she pointed at a particular picture and asked me, "What's that color?"  I answered, "Turquoise," and Raphaela put on her sad face, "Poor thing, he doesn't get a real color like everyone else."  I should have just said, "Blue."


Raphaela has a skirt and dress fetish lately, and I even had to go out and buy a few more dress outfits to meet her demand.  When I asked what she all of a sudden had against pants and leggings, she said, "I can't dance in pants, when I twirl, nothing happens!"


Raphaela, like an elephant, never forgets.  In April I told her that when the weather stabilized and it officially became Summer, I would get her a bike with training wheels. Last night as I tucked her in, she reminded me of my promise, and I heard her murmur in her sleep, "Where's my bicycle?"

She will have a nice surprise when she comes home today, and she had better appreciate it.  The parking near the store was horrendous, and I splurged on the best helmet possible.  After all, my daughter has one beautiful head, and I intend for it to stay that way.

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Doc said...

I have learned with my daughter, literally ever since she was a baby, that she does things in her own time. So yesterday she got very excited when she saw the bike, played with the bell for a while and wore the helmet around the house. As far as actually wanting to ride it outside, she sat on the seat for approximately three seconds and then decided she had had enough. She needs to warm up to the idea of trusting a new wobbly toy, and when she is ready, I won't be able to stop her.