Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Magic Moment

...When Everything in the Universe Goes "Click!"

Raphaela has started early reading skills under my guidance, and she has most of the phonics down pat.  Yesterday I was wearing a "Fox" sweatshirt, and thought it might be interesting to see if Raphaela could sound out the word.  (Fox is the Israeli equivalent of the American Gap store.)

And indeed, I watched as the gears in her brain spun behind her eyes, as she sounded out each letter and came to her first full word, read all by herself.  I jumped for joy, hugged her and saw her own pride and sense of accomplishment as her face glowed with pleasure, at the idea that someday she may even read entire books by herself.

We are a long way from full reading, lord knows that the English language contains more exceptions than most other on the planet, but I will never forget that look on Raphaela's face, and the knowledge that this little creature that came from me is capable of amazing things.

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