Monday, April 22, 2013

RIP Blub Blub

First,  Al the Cleaner Fish left this earthly plane, no more than one week after we brought the fish tank home.  I told Raphaela that Al went to the doctor because he was sick;  several weeks later we saw a tank of similar fish at the zoo, and I told Raphaela that Al had gotten better and was now living at the zoo with his friends and family.

Yesterday I noticed one of the other fish swimming upside down and discretely removed it from the tank before Raphaela noticed. I am hoping to get to the pet store some time today to replace that gold fish before she counts and sees that only three remain.

Recently Raphaela has been begging me to add an iguana to our menagerie.  ("Why?"  "Why not?")  I told her that with the cat and the fish and the birds who have built a nest in our window, we have quite enough animals for the moment.

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