Monday, April 1, 2013

The Euphoria of the Day After

I spent part of last night returning the kitchen and the house to post-Pessach normal.  This morning, Raphaela woke up and  she first noticed the absence of tape from various drawers and cabinets.  She ran over to me, waving a (chametz) spoon, and with utter joy in her voice, she said, "Mommy, now I can open the drawer and get...spoons!"

About five minutes later, she discovered that her play dough, which had gone into hiding over the holiday, had magically reappeared in her crafts box.  Again, overwhelmed by the find, she carefully placed each packet of dough onto her play table as a grin washed across her face.

After I came out of the shower, Raphaela came over to me with a very serious and concerned look on her face;  she needed to clarify the status of ice cream cones.  "Cones are chametz, correct?'  she asked.

"Yes," I answered, "but now that Pessach is over, we can have ice cream with cones instead of a bowl."

"Hooray!  That's what I would like for breakfast please!"

(For the record, she did not in fact have an ice cream cone for breakfast, she had coconut cookies left over from the holiday...)

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