Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reality Check

Raphaela, whose sleep schedule was decimated by the holiday, sang and chatted to herself for almost one hour after being tucked into bed.

I came into the room and asked why she was not quietly asleep, and my child replied that she was "just talking to Bunny, " her oldest and most cherished transitional object.

In response, I affected my most patient and sweet voice possible after a long and difficult day at work;  and suggested to Bunny that he close his eyes, that Raphaela needs a good night's sleep, and that Bunny should not keep her awake.

Raphaela then adopted her Bunny voice and answered most practically, in her doll's name: "I am not an actual animal, I am just a doll. I can't really talk and I certainly can't close my eyes!"

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