Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Dental Check Up

Yesterday Raphaela had her first ever dental check up, because I thought she was ready and old enough to sit still for a few minutes.  Her apprehension expressed itself as we sat and waited for our turn, she took to jumping on the furniture and screaming with delight rather than her normal tone of laughter. 

The Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Amar had the golden touch; he smiled and spoke to her on her level, his examination was quick and painless.  Dr. Amar declared Raphaela in "great shape," and scheduled a follow up appointment in one week for Raphaela to get tooth-brushing lessons and a cleaning.  Best of all, my daughter got to choose a prize for her good behaviour and her excellent hygiene.

At one point, the assistant asked Raphaela if she knew how to count, and if she knew how many teeth she had in her mouth.  Raphaela put on her intense thinking face and answered quietly, "A lot."

[NB  Under my particular HMO, children get free dental care until the age of eight, and then the fee for maintenance visits and treatments are minimal. Pretty cool...]

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